Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How do you open two Microsoft Excel sessions independently of each other?

Being able to open two session of Microsoft Excel indecently of each other is a very useful feature. What do I mean by this? Let's say I have "Book1" file currently open. Now I open another file namely "Book2". Although, the "Book2" opens up but I don't see it until I go into excel window menu----go at the bottom --- and there I see options for both files i.e. "Book1" &"Book2". So, every time I need to switch back and forth between these two files, I have to go window menu and from there choose which file I need to work with. In addition, if I do ALT+TAB to switch between Book1 & Book2, it does not work.

So basically, I need to find out how can I open both files i.e. Book1 & Book2 such that Both files are visible on the Window STATUS Bar ( the bar right next to "START" button on windows). This way I can easily click on any of the file I need to open. Or else I can use ALT+TAB to switch between any of the files. Currently, I don't see files visible on my status bar and I have to go to window menu to select the file I want.

There are a few methods to accomplish this.
Open Excel then open one workbook. Open Excel again then open other workbook. It works for me in 2003 to get two separate instances of Excel going that are independent of one another.


Open Excel twice and then open Book 1 in one Excel and Book 2 in the other. Then go to the desktop toolbar and right click. Select tile windows vertically and the two versions should be side by side.
I was able to get it done by going into Tools--Options--View --click on Windows Task bar.
In Excel 2007, Click the Office button -> Excel Options -> Advanced.
Under General, check 'Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange'.
Excel 2010: Go to...
Excel Options | Advanced and under "Display" checkmark "Show all windows in the Taskbar"'

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  1. I wish I had never installed this excel. Not being able to simply click on a spreadsheet and open a seprate excel is a HUGE issue. please please offer it as an option.


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