Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apartment Search Spreadsheet and Shared Expenses Template Download

Update 6/11/12: Check out our new ULTIMATE Apartment Search Spreadsheet and Guide.

I'd like to apologize as I was having a little dispute with the site which hosts all of my Excel spreadsheet template downloads. The issue has been peacefully resolved but in the process it looks like all of the files I uploaded have been deleted. This means all the download links are probably broken. I have started the long process of re-uploading all of the files today but please be patient as it is going to take some time to get them all back up.

I decided to upload my two most requested files first, the Apartment Search Template and the Shared Living Expenses Spreadsheet. Let me know what other files you would like right away.

Apartment Finding Spreadsheet.xls download

Shared Apartment Expenses for 5 Roommates Template.xls download


  1. Even I tried using excels but now I use for the purpose simple and easy

  2. I was previously using a basic template but I have found the best budget template there is.

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  4. Hi NTW, I tried to download the apt hunting spdsht. Didn't work. I sent this msg to

    I filled out your survey to activate a download. It never started and I never got the download.
    I clicked on "Get a $5$ coupon to Logan's Roadhouse!" on the second URL above.
    It took me to the first URL above.
    After I completed the survey, the gray and white "timer" on your website never stopped moving. The words above it say: "We are waiting for you to complete the survey you chose, which opened in a new tab. If the survey does not unlock after a minute or two, come back and choose a different one. The download will automatically begin when you successfully finish a survey."

    I tried to report it on your "Report a File" page, but there is no "Submit" button and clicking Enter does nothing.

    Would you please just email it to me? Thank you.


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