Monday, May 24, 2010

Updated Apartment Search Spreadsheet

Based on recent users suggests and feedback I have made a few additions to my Apartment Search Spreadsheet. Many of these suggestions I had never heard of before, mainly due to the fact the reader lives in a different geographic region than I do. The following is the complete list of additions:

-Added "Gym / Fitness Center" to the Yes or No options. Duh. Can't believe I forgot that obvious one.

-In the input info, added rows for "Square Feet (Bedroom 1)", "Square Feet (Bedroom 2)", "Square Feet (Bedroom 3)", "Square Feet (Living Room / Dining Room)". The reason for this is that if you are sharing an apartment with roommates they may have a different requirement for bedroom space.

-In move-in fees, I added "Credit Check Fee". In the states, it is very common for landlords to charge a nominal fee to check a prospective tenant's creditworthiness (cool word bro, creditworthiness).

-In some major metropolitan areas, such as New York City, it is very common to install a pressurized wall in a bedroom or living room so you can squeeze one more person into the apartment and decrease living costs. Usually these walls are leased, as they are temporary and must be removed before the lease is up. Sometimes they aren't even allowed. Thus, I added a "Pressurized Wall Lease / Month" in Monthly Expenses, "Pressurized Wall Installation Fee" in move-in fees, and "Pressurized Wall Allowed" in the Yes or No Options.

-I also added a "Rent Controlled" in Yes or No Options. Some apartments are rent-controlled to protect tenants from massive rent increases when their lease is up and they wish to renew. Of course, these apartments are extremely coveted. There are other places which have rent-controlled apartments, but apparently New York City is the most well known for it.

Hopefully now the apartment search spreadsheet can accommodate an even larger percentage of the population and address each individual's needs. Do you have any other suggestions? As usual, email me or comment below for your copy of this latest version of the Apartment Rating/Search Spreadsheet.xls.