Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 College Football Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

The 2016 college football season is a little over a month away! I still can’t believe my Buckeyes blew it at home against Michigan State and cost themselves a shot at repeating as Big Ten and National Champions. I have no idea what to expect this season. Looking at the schedule in the Excel file, I’m really worried about that away game against Oklahoma early in the season. At least if they lose, they could have time to recover to get back in the playoff hunt.

It’s fun looking at the 2016 college football helmet schedule and try to predict which games you think your favorite team will win or lose. This spreadsheet of the college football schedules includes every team from all conferences plus independents. Every game is listed as either home, away, or neutral site (noted at the bottom of each sheet).  A college football helmet schedule spreadsheet may be available on other websites but, to my knowledge, this is the only downloadable Excel version and, unlike some of the others, is 100% FREE!

2016 College Football Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

2016 College Football Playoff Prediction Game

A new feature this year is the edition of the 2016 College Football Playoff Predictor! Week by week, you can pick the four teams who you think will make the playoff at the end of the year. You can see how your prediction changes throughout the year and if it is correct at the end. Crazy that out of 127 teams, only four make the playoff, a measly 3.1 %.  Compare that to the NFL where 12 of 32 makes the playoffs, or 37.5%.

2016 College Football Playoff Prediction Game

Download the football schedule today using the link below:

Suggestions to Improve the College Football Schedule Spreadsheet

I was thinking about other options I could add to make this template more fun, like how much fun the Bowl Prediction Pool is every year. One idea was predicting the top 25 teams compared to the AP Poll every week. What do you think? Do you play any office or fantasy games in regards to college football?

This spreadsheet does take some time to update due to the massive amount of helmets that need to be moved around. In the future I think I plan to make the spreadsheet easier to update and more maintainable. At least maybe figure out how to make the football helmets automatically populate, possibly using drop down lists. Maybe there is also a way to import the schedules from ESPN's website. Any ideas how to make the yearly update go quicker?

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