Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Updated 2011 NCAA College Football bowl sheet

With the help of David Tyler (creator of one of the best NCAA college basketball Excel brackets) I have made some modifications to my 2011 college football bowl sheet.
·         By using the sumproduct formula and conditional formatting we have replaced the VBA COLORFUNCTION, making the spreadsheet much more user friendly. No need to press crtl+alt+f9 to update the formulas!
·         I moved the scoreboard to its own individual sheet and included a few new stats, such as the bowl game picked correctly by the most number of players.
·         I expanded the default number of players to twenty but there’s still the issue where new players beyond the first twenty added to the pool are not automatically accounted for in the leader boards.
Please keep in mind; this is just the beginning of the evolution of this spreadsheet. The end goal is to automate inserting the exact number of players along with all of their picks. There will also be some sort of tie-breaking function, like guessing the score for the BCS championship game or using a confidence interval to rank each pick.
And hopefully by the time this new spreadsheet is completed we can throw the whole thing out because we’ll finally have a college football playoff!
Download the previous version here.
*******UPDATE Dec 27 - latest version has been uploaded

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