Monday, October 10, 2011

How to view mpp files without Mircosoft Project

This may not be an excel tip but it is in the Microsoft Office family of products. If you're searching for how to open a .mpp file without Microsoft Project you may have found yourself in a similar situation which I was in not too long ago. I needed to open a Microsoft Project file but I didn't have the software on my pc. I did what most people would probably do and browsed the internet for a free mpp viewer. The problem is all the viewers I found had to be downloaded and installed. Well, I had no administrative privileges on my machine and could not install any new programs. Luckily I found a great solution. Go to www.amiproject,com. You can open and view your mpp files in an internet browser without having to download and install any software. I think it even lets you edit and save your project file as well.

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