Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trip Cost Estimator Spreadsheet Template Download

I recently had to estimate the cost of going on a trip to attend a conference for my day job. This lead directly to the creation of a total trip cost estimator spreadsheet, which I have transformed into an easy to use template. It's not totally complete yet. I am looking for suggestions for more categories to add but I will still upload the template as is and make it available for download. If the link doesn't work please let me know and I can email the spreadsheet to you.

If you're looking to estimate the cost of traveling on vacation or need a honeymoon planner then this spreadsheet template is a good place to start. How do you compare airline tickets to determine the best price of flights? What's an easy way to compare hotel or car rental services? Need a brief idea of what the price range of a major trip is going to cost? Use the Trip Cost Estimator Spreadsheet template. Create your own or download mine today.

Trip Cost Estimator Spreadsheet Template.xls Download Here