Monday, July 19, 2010

Personal Online Finance Tracker Excel Spreadsheet Template

I'm going to try and post more templates seeing how my apartment search spreadsheet has been such a big hit. With economy still in the crapper and questionable job security many Americans, including myself, have turned towards the internet for a source of additional income. How do you make money online? Well, this blog, as well as several other blogs that I have created are a great place to start. Then there are online surveys, selling stock pictures, writing articles, and even getting paid just to receive a couple junk emails a day. So how do I organize all of these methods in order to keep track of my finances and maximize my time? Excel spreadsheets of course!

As you can see, I started this money making endeavor in December of 2009. I've listed across the top row all of my sources of income, followed by the total and a few statistics. Here are the formulas I used:

Total: =SUM(C2:Q2)
Days: =IF(--TEXT(TODAY(),"yyyymm")>S2,DAY(DATE(2010,2,0)),DAY(TODAY()))
Ave/Day: =R2/T2
Ave/Blog: =U2/4

This formulas are pretty straight forward:

Have you ever wondered how much money the ads displayed on this site bring in? Well, now you will know. Google Adsense plus Kontera Ads = $50 over 6 months, or about 15% of my total online revenue.

Survey sites, including MySurvey and Opinion Outpost have netted over $150, almost half of all my online earnings.

Writing articles for WikiNut has been fun but not very profitable- yet. Sometimes it takes time to build up an audience of followers and dedicated readers. I remain optimistic on this one for the future.

You can sell pictures online at sites like Dreamstime to try and make a few bucks.

I recently started reading emails for a few cents a day with sites like Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars. They won't help you get rich quick but if you keep at it you can have a nice, steady growth.

My projected earnings for the year right now are around $700. You won't get rich quick but you can easily make some extra spending money. Every little bit helps in this economy!