Sunday, August 25, 2013

Apartment Comparison Spreadsheet Update

I’ve revamped my Apartment Comparison Spreadsheet website and the big news is you can now download the Apartment Search Spreadsheet for free! Signup for the Apartment Search Tips newsletter and you’ll immediately receive the link to download my apartment hunting tool. You can unsubscribe from the email list at anytime but if you’re looking for an apartment I recommend you don’t unsubscribe so you can get my valuable tips, like how to potentially earn $100 for signing a new lease!

apartment comparison spreadsheet update
The Apartment Search Spreadsheet can  also be used as an apartment search checklist as I listed almost every criteria you could think of for what you would like in a new apartment. Enter the data for every apartment you are looking at. Next, you’ll set an importance factor for several categories. What’s more important to you - size of the rooms or distance to work? The spreadsheet uses your inputs to give each apartment a score and you can easily see which apartment has the highest score and is thus the best choice for you.

Please note, the free preview version of the spresdsheet for apartment comparison only allows you to compare two apartments. You'll have to purchase the PRO version to compare more than two apartments, but it also comes with a lot of extra resources you might enjoy. Check it out here. And please do let me know if you find this tool at all useful or if you think it would be great if there were something like this for another item, like to compare houses or cars.

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