Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 NFL Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

It’s time to get your NFL 2013 schedule. The new football season is nearly upon us after a murderous off-season. It’s finally time to get back to playing ball! This NFL 2013 schedule in Excel includes indicators for all special Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday games. If you’re looking for a picture for every football helmet in the NFL you can find them all in this spreadsheet. Each helmet is in fact a hyperlink, not to an outside website but to a “Place in This Document.” It uses Cell References so if you click a team’s helmet it will take you to that team’s schedule in the spreadsheet.
2013 NFL helmet schedule spreadsheet

The 2013 NFL helmet schedule spreadsheet can be incorporated into fantasy football leagues. And if you love fantasy football, you should check out the Fantasy Football Commissioner from CBS Sports.  Feel free to modify the spreadsheet as you see fit but please share the result with us so everyone can see what cool things you come up with! Download for free here:

I can't wait to see how all the storylines play out this year. Will Peyton Manning finally get a second Super Bowl ring? How will the New England Patriots fare after this crazy offseason? Will this be the year for my Cleveland Browns? I doubt it but you never know what will happen.

Update: Now you can get the 2013 NCAA helmet schedule spreadsheet here.

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