Friday, January 8, 2021

2021 Super Bowl Squares Spreadsheet – the only template you’ll ever need

I’ve been creating Super Bowl Squares spreadsheets for ten years now. Every January I’d update the template and add more sheets with more ways to play. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a bit of a mess when opening the workbook and seeing all these different colored tabs with similar yet different names. It was getting annoying dealing with multiple game boards, multiple score managers, etc. and probably very confusing to new users. 

The old version of the Super Bowl Squares template

I’ve had an idea for streamlining and improving the grid game spreadsheet for over two years but just finally had enough time and energy to work on it before the actual Super Bowl. It’s taken many hours of work setting up the macros and testing all of the conditions but it’s finally ready: the new and improved Super Bowl Squares template is here!

super bowl pool download

When you first open the template you’ll notice the big changes right off the bat. You’re met with a simple setup screen where the user will decide how to play the game. The sheet automatically updates the Super Bowl boxes and the leaderboard to reflect only the version of the game you want to play. 

printable super bowl squares in excel

I used to have to update the sheet every year by inputting the teams and their helmets. This time, all the teams and helmets are in one of the sheets. Simply use the drop down lists in the Squares sheet to select the team from the list (broken up by AFC and NFC) and their helmets will update automatically! 

Watch me demo the new Super Bowl board in the video below:

As you can see, the new sheet allows more ways to play but is simple and easy to setup and is automated as much as possible. 

Even if you’re not into football, you can still use the template to learn how to do these Excel tricks:
  • Lookup pictures based on cell values
  • Generate random numbers
  • Use NameManager
  • Create drop down lists
  • Use index and match formulas
If you dissect the macros in the spreadsheet you’ll learn how to:
  • Hide rows and columns
  • Hide or unhide sheets
  • Generate random numbers between 0 and 9 with no duplicates
  • How to hide command buttons by VBA
  • How to change cell fill color
Update 1-19-2021

I've updated the spreadsheet again. There are now 54 ways to play within one slick spreadsheet. I added options to play by quarters, every minute, or every time the score changes. Watch me preview the update below. Also be sure to subscribe to my email list and YouTube channel as I'll be showing off all the tricks and tips I used to make this spreadsheet work.

Get it here (enter a 0 into the price box then input an email address):

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you. Is this version as much of an upgrade and easy to use as I think it is? I welcome any and all questions, comments, suggestions, cuss words, and compliments. Let me know using the comments below or via email. Enjoy playing Super Bowl Squares!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

2020 College Football Bowl Prediction Pool

The college football conference championships were played this past weekend which means the 2020 NCAA college football bowl season is here again! Therefore, it’s time to make your picks and predictions about who you think will win each bowl game. One of the best times of the holiday season (other than giving and receiving gifts) is getting on Zoom with your family and friends (to maintain social distancing) to cheer for your Alma mater or hometown football team. This year has the added bonus of not just single bowl games but the seventh year of a four team playoff to determine the national champion.

2020 college football bowl sheet in excel

Features for this year's bowl prediction pool over the previous college football bowl pool manager spreadsheets include the following:
  • Easy method to make each bowl game worth a different point value, so the national championship game and semi-finals can be worth more points, or however you want to customize it.
  • Updated leaderboard tab with new stats
  • Separate entry sheet to pass out to participants or co-workers that can be imported automatically by a built-in macro
  • Complete NCAA college football bowl schedule with game times and TV stations
  • New stat sheet to track each conference's record during bowl season 
  • The bowl prediction sheets include the football helmet designs for every team (taken from the 2017 college football helmet schedule spreadsheet), their win-loss record, and the logo for all bowl games. I added the helmets so those players who aren't big college football fans can pick a winner based on their favorite helmet design!
  • Download the CFP Pool Manager and Single Entry Form here.

How to Enter Player's Picks into the Bowl Sheet

There are now three ways to add participant’s data:

  • Manual entry using the drop down lists
  • Copy and paste from the selection sheet to the bowl manager
  • Use the import macro to automatically import a player’s data into the pool manager by way of a macro

The beauty of this football bowl manager is you will not have to change or modify any formulas yourself (unless you want to of course). Instructions are included within the Excel file and shows you exactly how to add more players (either manually or by using the button that is linked to a macro). If you enjoy using this sheet football pool manager I would really appreciate it if you would share it with friends, family, and coworkers.

I am working a version where you can add confidence picks by ranking the bowls in order of how confidence you are with your picks. I did one for 2017 but have not updated 2019's for this yet. Let me know in the comments or via email if this is something you would be interested in.

Cancelled Bowl Games (as of 12/20)

  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl
  • LA Bowl
  • Bahamas Bowl (C-USA vs. MAC)
  • Celebration Bowl (MEAC vs. SWAC)
  • Fenway Bowl (AAC vs. ACC)
  • Hawaii Bowl (AAC vs. Mountain West)
  • Holiday Bowl (ACC vs. Pac-12)
  • Las Vegas Bowl (Pac-12 vs. SEC)
  • Los Angeles Bowl (Pac-12 vs. Mountain West)
  • Pinstripe Bowl (ACC vs. Big Ten)
  • Quick Lane Bowl (ACC, Big Ten, MAC)
  • Redbox Bowl (Big Ten vs. Pac-12)
  • Sun Bowl (ACC vs. Pac-12)
  • Birmingham Bowl
  • Military Bowl
  • Guaranteed Rate Bowl
  • Radiance Tech Bowl

College Football Bowl Game Trivia

  • 56 teams
  • 28 bowl games (plus the national championship)
  • Teams with double digit wins: 5 (in 2019 there were 22 teams with 10 wins or more)
  • Teams with losing records: 9 (last year in 2019 there were zero teams with losing record)
  • Only 3 teams with .500 records (13 last year in 2019). Wisconsin is fewest wins of those at 3-3
  • Average number of games played: 9
  • Team that played the most games: Georgia Southern (12), Georgia State (12)
  • Team that played the least games: Colorado (5)
  • Team with the worst record: South Carolina (2-8)
  • Team with the best record: Alabama (11-0), Coastal Carolina (11-0)
  • Average win pct.: 68%
  • Most lopsided: UAB (6-3) vs South Carolina (2-8), NC State (8-3) vs Kentucky (4-6)
  • Matchup with most combined wins: Alabama (11-0) vs Notre Dame (10-1)
  • SEC leads all conferences with 12 teams represented, followed by Conference USA with 7. 
  • At least 20 teams have opted out of post-season play, including Stanford, Florida State, PSU, USC, UCLA, and more.
  • Army (9-2) has not been able to find a team to play (as of 12/20)
  • 17 Bowl games have been cancelled

My Thoughts on the 2020 College Football Bowl Season

On one hand, I should be happy we're even getting to watch football. On the other hand, this is by far the worst bowl matchups since I've been following college football. 10-1 BYU gets rewarded by playing 6-3 UCF? 11-0 Coastal Carolina play Liberty (who???) instead of a big name school. Who wants to watch a 2-8 team play in a bowl game?

And don't even get me started on the college football playoff. The NCAA passed up a gold opportunity in my opinion. They had a free pass this year to experiment with the playoff to try to improve it by making an expanded field with the opportunity for more exciting match-ups (most of the first round games have been duds). Instead we're going to get blow out losses by Ohio State and Notre Dame and get Alabama versus Clemson for the national championship AGAIN. BoRiNg. And this is coming from an Ohio State fan. How does Cincinnati not even get considered? All the non-power five schools might as well go make their own conference because they're never getting into a 4 team playoff.

Download the 2020 - 2021 CFP Bowl Prediction Pool Manager.xlsm file here

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Gift Guide for Excel Users 2020

The 2020 holiday season is officially upon us here in the United States which means it’s time for my annual gift giving guide. I used to panic every year whenever my spouse, parents, and siblings asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I needed to give them an idea otherwise I’d end up with an ugly sweater or some random gadget I would never use.

So to help alleviate some of my stress I started compiling my own holiday gift guide. It’s kind of like the big toy catalog you used to get as a kid, only this is for adults. I’ve made a list of items I think would be very useful or exciting for your fellow Excel users, sorted by different categories. Some of these items I already use on a daily basis and others are things that are on my own personal wish list. It's my biggest and best gift guide yet! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

2020 NFL Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

 I wasn't planning on updating the NFL Helmet Schedule spreadsheet this year. I've been feeling kind of down due to the pandemic and the affects it has had on all my hobbies. Especially with the cancellation (sorry, "delay") of some college football leagues like the Big Ten. Plus, I thought the prospect of the entire season happening is somewhat slim. So I was leaning towards not updating the sheet this year.

Then I checked my email.

I received a message from longtime reader Brent Foreman with an attachment: a fully updated 2020 NFL Helmet Schedule spreadsheet and a note "Just a little way that I can say thanks for your posts over the years."

Wow. Amazing. Made my day.

So thanks to Brent the spreadsheet is updated and now available to download.

Use this link to download the NFL schedule spreadsheet. 

Please note, an email is required to download it. I do this so you will be automatically updated you if changes or additions are made and will update you when the next year’s schedule is ready. I do not use your email for anything else.

Here's a video of an older sheet to show you how it's formatted:

Thanks again to Brent.

As you can see, the NFL helmet schedule is printable too. You can save the spreadsheet as a PDF file or print it out and pin it up in your cubicle at work. If you do, please email or tweet me a picture of it hanging up - I'd love to see it!

As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions about how to fix or improve the sheet! How can I improve this football spreadsheet into something you’ll use all the time during pro-football season? What future features would you like to see?

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Facebook Marketplace Sales Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Like probably most Americans have in 2020, I’ve been trying to stay safe and stay home as much as possible. Instead of going on a summer vacation, we’ve been spending our time and money on decluttering and improving our house. Since we’ve been working from home much more often and soon our kids will begin remote schooling, we decided to turn our guest bedroom into an office/school room. But we’ve been using that spare room as storage space, so first we needed to get rid of all the crap that’s in there. Seriously, you couldn’t even walk around there were so many boxes of stuff we had accumulated over the past eight years.

I decided to start selling the stuff we no longer needed on Facebook Marketplace. After my first few sales, I thought I should really be tracking all this in order to learn from it and improve my sales. So naturally I made an Excel spreadsheet! I’ve turned my sheet into a blank template for you to use as well if you want to get into selling on Facebook Marketplace and tracking your sales. Many Americans have lost their jobs or have reduced hours/wages. Selling goods on FB marketplace is a simple way to make a little additional income.

As always, even if you have no plan to sell anything on Facebook Marketplace, you can still dissect this Excel template to learn some valuable lessons:

  • How to make drop down lists using name manager and data validation
  • How to filter a data table
  • How to use ROUNDUP, IF, TEXT, COUNTIF, MAX, MIN, and AVERAGE functions
  • How to count the number of days between two dates in Excel

Facebook Marketplace Sales Tracking Demonstration

In my spreadsheet, I track several key stats, such as what day of the week you make the most sales. Here's a video tour where I walk you quickly through the spreadsheet. One thing I forgot to finish was to show how the filter works, so if you have any questions about that feel free to let me know.

Selling Price Calculator

One of the most useful features might be the Selling Price Calculator. 90% of people are going to offer you an amount lower than what you’re listing your item for, especially the more expensive it is. I’ve added a feature to the spreadsheet that will calculate how much money you should list your item for sale based on what you want to get plus a markup value based on your historical selling data. As you sell more items on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll see how much of a discount you’re settling for. Once you know that value you know how much to add to the cost of an item. I use the ROUNDUP function to round up to the nearest dollar ($25.50 becomes $26.00).

I haven't sold on other sites such as Ebay or Craigslist but you could probably use this same sheet for those too.

FB MP Sales Tracking Template.xls download

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Inside the spreadsheet I give a few tips but I've shared some here too:

Tip #1: Check the marketplace for other similar items to get a feel for who is selling what and for how much. Is your item unique or popular?

Tip #2: Set your initial price higher than what you want. 90% of my sales we settled for on average 13% lower than my original asking price. Some of this was me asking too much.

Be fair. When you get greedy is when you don’t make any sales

Tip #3: As far as safety, just be smart about it. If you’re going to meet someone to exchange items, maybe setup your meeting in the parking lot of your local police station. Most people may have their FV profile hidden from you, but you should still be able to see when they joined and how many friends they have. If they joined less than a year ago and/or have less than 30 friends be wary, this could be a fake account.

Tip #4: Bigger/unique items do seem to do better. Probably not going to make a lot if selling old video games (unless they’re really old or rare).

Tip #5: Communication is key. Make the sale. The most annoying part about selling online is communication issues - people backing out of sales at the last minute, leading you on, not fully reading your listing details, etc.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Rename Excel Workbook Based on Number of Files Macro

Let’s say you have a task where you want to include a control number in an Excel sheet and in the name of the file which is based on the total number of Excel files contained within a folder. If you’re not familiar with writing VBA macros for Excel, see my getting started guide here.

For this example, there are currently three Excel files saved in a folder with these names:


We want to save our latest document using the name Doc-Control-04, but how does Excel know to use “04” at the end?

As with any complicated task, the first thing I do is break it down into smaller, more manageable steps.

  1. The user selects the folder where to save the Excel documents
  2. The macro saves the open workbook into the folder with a “ZZZ” placeholder in the filename
  3. The macro counts the number of Excel files in the folder.
  4. The macro adds the control number based on this count into the spreadsheet
  5. The macro saves a copy of the workbook in the same folder but replaces the placeholder  “ZZZ” in the file name with the control number count
  6. The macro deletes the first copy the Excel document

Here’s a rundown of the VBA code:

Sub Generate_Documents()

'Optimize Macro Speed
  Application.ScreenUpdating = False
  Application.EnableEvents = False
  Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Dim Wb2 As Workbook
Set Wb2 = ThisWorkbook

'---The control number will be in cell G7. For now we input placeholder “ZZZ”
Wb2.ActiveSheet.Range("G7").Value = “ZZZ”

'----save the Excel document VBA----
'dialog box to save the spreadsheet
Dim InitialName As String
Dim fileSaveName As Variant
InitialName = “Control Number: “ & Wb2.ActiveSheet.Range("G7").Value
fileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:=InitialName, fileFilter:="Excel Files (*.xlsx), *.xlsx")

If fileSaveName = False Then
        MsgBox "File not saved. You must save the file!"
        Exit Sub
       ‘exit the program so we don’t delete the template file
        Wb2.SaveAs Filename:=fileSaveName
        End If
‘now the macro knows what folder to look in to count the files

'Next, create the Control number by counting excel files in the folder and rename
'count existing excel files in the save folder
'First, get the location WB2 was just saved in
Dim WB2Path As String
WB2Path = Wb2.Path

Dim FileCount As Integer
Dim FolderPath2 As String, path2 As String

FolderPath2 = Wb2.Path

path2 = FolderPath2 & "\*.xls*"

    Filename = Dir(path2)
FileCount = 0
    Do While Filename <> ""
       FileCount = FileCount + 1
        Filename = Dir()
    'MsgBox FileCount
    '---control number. If less than 10 add a 0 to display 01, 02, etc.
If FileCount < 10 Then
Wb2.ActiveSheet.Range("G7").Value = "0" & FileCount
Wb2.ActiveSheet.Range("G7").Value =  FileCount
End If

Dim OldName As String, newName As String
OldName = Wb2.FullName

‘use the replace function to automatically replace placeholder “ZZZ” with the document control number
newName = Replace(OldName, "ZZZ", Right(Wb2.ActiveSheet.Range("G7").Value, 2))

‘save a copy of the sheet with the control number in the file name
Wb2.SaveAs Filename:=newname

‘delete the old workbook
Kill OldName

'Reset Macro Optimization Settings
    Application.EnableEvents = True
    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions how to rename a workbook based on the number of files in a folder.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Excel Macro to scroll to the top or bottom of the sheet

If you have a long sheet and are constantly scrolling all the way down to the bottom then back up to the top, here are two quick macros you can use to instantly go to the top or the bottom of the active sheet.

Sub GoTo_Top()
    With ActiveSheet
        Application.Goto Cells(1, 1), True
        End With
End Sub

Sub GoTo_Buttom()
    With ActiveSheet
        LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row
        Application.Goto Range("B" & LastRow), True
    End With
End Sub

Use the developer tab to insert a command button, then link it to your macro to make it super easy for even the most inexperienced Excel user to instantly move from the top and the button of the spreadsheet.

If you don’t see the Developer tab at the top, go to File -> Options - > Customize Ribbon

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip! Sign up for my email list for more Excel tips.