Friday, March 1, 2013

Download the Apartment Comparison Android App

apartment comparison
To the fans of my wildly popular Apartment Search Spreadsheet, I just wanted to quickly let you know I’ve just released a brand new Android application called Apartment Comparison. It’s very similar to the spreadsheet but now in an easy to use format for mobile phones and tablets.The application is easy to use and comes with instructions.

The intended use of the app is to compare apartments by giving an apartment score to each. The score is computed when the user sets the importance of several key categories, such as location, community, utilities, etc. A bubble chart is then displayed for you to compare apartment score to monthly cost. The apartment with the highest cost might also cost twice as much as any other apartment, so maybe it is better to choose the second highest score because the cost is much less.

This apartment app can also be used as a simple apartments search checklist. There are 65 input fields divided up into seven different categories. To compare apartments you must first enter information for each apartment using the input screen. Data is entered in one of three forms: numerical keypad (for monthly expenses, move-in fees, etc.), Yes/No buttons (for things like if a microwave if present or not), or a rating from 1 to 10 (for things like your evaluation of the local school district).  I strongly believe we have literally thought of anything and everything you could wish to know about an apartment! 

I aim to make Apartment Comparison the best apartment hunting app available so if you do download it I would appreciate it if you rated the application and gave me any feedback or suggestions for improvements.
apartment comparison app

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