Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 NIT Bracket Spreadsheet

2013 NIT Bracket
If you’re an avid NCAA men’s basketball fan and March Madness isn’t enough for you than you can also download the 2013 NIT Tournament Bracket. The National Invitation Tournament is comprised of many of the teams that some argue should have been in the NCAA tournament field but got left out. You would think all of these teams would be really bad when in reality some automatic bids to the NCAA tourney go to really bad teams (twenty loss Liberty, for example) thus teams like Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio University, are forced out of the field of 68 and into the NIT. This is still a good thing for these teams because they get the extra practices with come with the postseason while the other teams are sitting at home until next year.

This bracket is pretty straight forward. I’ve included the dates, times, and TV coverage for each game. However, there is no Pool Manager for the NIT spreadsheets (have you ever heard of anyone running an NIT pool anyways?).

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