Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Travel Expense Report Template

travel form
If you’ve ever traveled for your corporate day job then you’ve probably completed a travel expense report or travel reimbursement form at some point. Of course, before you were even granted permission to go on a trip you probably had to complete a travel authorization request. If you’re only traveling locally and don’t have to spend the night at a hotel you may only have to turn in a mileage reimbursement voucher. (Why are there so many forms?) But if you get stuck staying overnight or have the privilege of traveling to a foreign country chances are your company is going to want you to keep track of every single expense. This is where my travel expense sheet comes in handy!

The form is a great tool to log personal or employee travel expenses. I’ve literally tried to think of every possible expense that may need to be tracked and report, including lodging (room), transportation (rental car, taxi, airline, gasoline), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or per diem), other (entertainment, parking, tolls, etc.). There is even a sheet for currency conversion figures. Sometimes your company may give advance pay to cover your traveling expenses before you even leave. This is included in the spreadsheet in the section which shows how much the company owes the employee (or vice versa if given an advance pay and you don’t use it all). Seriously, I’ve really tried to think of everything!

There is a section at the bottom of the template for your manager or accountant to sign off on or if you’re a solo gig you can simply ignore it. I’ve provided ample room for explanations too, in case your boss wants to know why you are declaring that beer you bought at the hotel as a company entertainment expense. Download the form below (hosted on Box) and please do let me know if you think of anything missing from this spreadsheet.

Travel Expense Report Template.xls download

Travel Paid For

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