Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mileage Reimbursement Form Template

Today I am going to share with you an Excel spreadsheet template I use every week, my mileage reimbursement form. Many companies today use mileage forms to help log and keep track of employee’s mileage when they travel. This template allows you to input your mileage as your total number of miles driven or you can enter your beginning and ending  odometer readings thus giving you your total reimbursable mileage. If you’re setting this up for your own business you can also choose different payback rates depending on if the vehicle driven is personal or company owned.

keep track of your miles form

My mileage sheet is very simple and easy to use. All grey colored cells are formulas. You shouldn’t need to change any of these and can use it as is. The mileage form assumes the report date is on Friday. The formulas then use this date to input the dates for the rest of the week using simple subtraction. I also use the ROUND function in order to round the amount owed to the employee to a nice number (like 9.85 instead of 9.84586).

Below is a link to a free download of my Mileage Reimbursement Form spreadsheet. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Check out our Downloads page for more free Excel spreadsheets or the project management page for other templates and resources.

What about you? Do you have your own mileage log spreadsheet? Does your company track employee's mileage?

Effective Mileage Tracker

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