Sunday, March 11, 2012

Downloadable 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

March Madness is here! The conference tournaments are over and the field of 68 teams has been set. It's time to fill out those brackets and try to predict the upsets. David Tyler, author of When the Whistle Blows blog, has created what I consider to be the absolute best downloadable NCAA basketball tournament brackets in Excel.

What makes David's brackets better than any other spreadsheets I've tried? The brackets are very user friendly - even if you don't have a lot of Excel experience (or any at all) you can quickly and easily complete David's brackets. Instructions are included with the Excel file. Or if you want to simply download the bracket, print it off, and fill it out by hand.

This year's bracket also enables the pool manager to option to score the "First Four" play-in games of the tournament.

Click here to go to When the Whistle Blows bracket page to download the 2012 NCAA tournament bracket pool manager and March Madness bracket.

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