Monday, February 13, 2012

Bill Jelen's Excel 2010 In Depth book review

After interviewing him a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up one of Bill Jelen's Excel books (I must confess I had never read one before the interview, though I am very familiar with his Mr. Excel website). Microsoft Excel 2012 In Depth is a great resource. Bill expertly explains numerous new improves to Excel including the calculation engine which improves the speed and accuracy of math, financial, and statistical functions. There are several tutorials which include step-by-step instructions with icons on how to design and create templates and organize data. The first four chapters especially are incredibly useful in detailing all the changes from Excel 2007 to 2010. There is a nice mix of basics and advanced to satisfy users of all skill levels. If you're going to pick up a book to learn more about Microsoft Excel then I highly recommend this is the one to do so.

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