Thursday, February 24, 2011

Split the Rent Complement Spreadsheets

I stumbled across a really great website yesterday - Split The Rent. Splitting rent with your friends shouldn't be stressful. If your rooms are different sizes or different levels of niceness, my calculator will give you a neutral and objective opinion on how to share the rent. I really like the SplitTheRent calculator. I wish I would've found it a few years ago because it really would've been very useful when I was in college.

I think the Split the Rent calculator is a great complement to my apartment related Excel spreadsheets. Before you begin splitting the rent you have to find a place to live. You can use my apartment search spreadsheet while you and your friends are apartment hunting and looking for a place to live. Next, use the Split the Rent calculator to figure out exactly how you are going to split the rent between roommates. After that decision is made you need a way to keep track of which friend you owe money to. My shared apartment expenses spreadsheet (now modified for 5 roommates) does just that- keeps track of what each roommate owes the other roommates. I think these three items are great complements to each other and hopefully make life easier for some of you!

Update 6/11/12: Check out new and improved apartment search spreadsheet.