Monday, February 14, 2011

Excel Spreadsheet Help Android App Suggestions

I'm currently learning how to write apps for Android phones. However, I need a goal to work towards. I was wondering if any readers had any ideas or suggestions for an Excel Spreadsheets Help phone app (or any other related apps). I'm trying to think of something somewhat simple to start off with but could be added onto later or inspire new ideas. I think the ideal model is the have a basic version which is free to download but more advanced users could then download a "pro" version for a small fee.

Maybe I could do an app for my Apartment Search Spreadsheet where you could enter the info into your phone while you are touring an apartment complex and that info could then be used to easily complete the spreadsheet later. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Also, how many Android user vs. iPhone users are out that which use this site?

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  1. I have a very small, and I would think, very easy spreadsheet that I would like an Android app created from. Very basic math is really all the excel is made up for. Contact me, if interested.


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