Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking for an Excel Football Schedule Spreadsheet Template?

Fall is upon us and you know what that means- it's football season! Whether you're following your son in middle school, your high school, a college team, or a fantasy NFL team, an Excel spreadsheet is a good way to keep track of your favorite team's stats. Here is a spreadsheet I put together as a quick example. Column A is for the week number of the season. Column B is to list your favorite team. Column C is for their schedule, who the opponent is every week. Next, D is your team's score and E is your opponent's score. Up to this point all the columns have required manual data entry. The next columns are all formulas.

 Column F is the result column, a Win, a Loss, or a Draw. I used a simple IF formula: 

=IF(D2>E2, "W", IF(D2

Next, I want to know what the current winning or losing streak is. I insert a column with the following formula starting in cell G2:


Now in the streak column I can use a simple concatenate: 

Now, for a complete football stats page I want to see what my team's overall record is. To do that I use this formula:

=COUNTIF(F:F, "W")&"-"&COUNTIF(F:F, “L")&"-"&COUNTIF(F:F, "D")

Winning percentage is another easy formula and useful stat.

=COUNTIF(F2:F11, "W")/COUNTA(F2:F11)

The remaining statistics are all simple average, max, and min formulas. Take control of your fantasy football league with the football schedule Excel spreadsheet! What other stats or features would you like to see on my football template spreadsheet?

Download Football Schedule Spreadsheet.xls now!