Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 College Football Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

The 2017 college football season is a little over a month away! I still can’t believe my Buckeyes got shut out in the playoff game against Clemson. I really have no idea what to expect this season.

It’s fun looking at the 2017 college football helmet schedule to try to predict which games you think your favorite team will win or lose. This spreadsheet of the college football schedules includes every team from all conferences plus independents. Every game is listed as either home, away, or neutral site (noted at the bottom of each sheet).  A college football helmet schedule spreadsheet may be available on other websites but, to my knowledge, this is the only downloadable Excel version and, unlike some of the others, is 100% FREE!

college football helmet schedule 2017

I’ve finally done it! I’ve been creating the college football helmet schedule spreadsheet since 2011, and every year I manually update every single helmet. This took forever and unfortunately resulted in many manual entry mistakes: helmets not going with the correct team and so on.

Until now.

With a little help, the creation of this template has finally been automated. The football schedules are pulled directly from ESPN. I've even linked the helmets to the team's website on ESPN. Hopefully this automation will eliminate the manual input errors as well as decreasing creation time. In a future post I hope to show you how the macro works.

I’m happy to say this year’s sheet contains 245 different college football team helmets! It’s surprising how small the file size is when considering how many helmets there are.

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As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions about how to fix or improve the sheet!

Here I am running after my son down the ramp at Ohio Stadium!

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