Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 NFL Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

The 2015 NFL season is just around the corner! The inaugural Hall of Fame game will take place in Canton, Ohio on Sunday, August 9th. Four weeks of preseason games will follow before the start of the regular season on Thursday, September 10th.  For the complete 2015 NFL schedule, download my free spreadsheet that includes all NFL helmets from every team. It’s a fun way to look at your favorite team’s opponents.

Even though basing a team's supposed “ease of schedule” on the previous year's record is a faulty premise, it's still fun to do and happens all the time. Once again, I’m not holding out much hope for my Cleveland Browns. They still haven’t found their franchise quarterback. I think the NFL season is even harder to predict than college football. Teams at the bottom one year can go right to the top the next. That’s why we love it!

2015 nfl helmet schedule excel

As for the actual spreadsheet itself, it’s very simple at this point, and proves not every Excel file has to have macros or conditional formatting. There are no major formulas or tricks, just images of each of the football helmets. In the future, I am planning on linking the helmets to each team which will make updating the schedule for next year much easier. And I’m always open to suggestions for improvement.

Download the football helmet schedule using the link below.

Yes, it takes quite a long time to assemble all the NFL helmet logos each and every season but it’s a fun way to look at the schedule and all NFL helmets at the same time. Luckily, the NFL doesn't see as much change year to year as college football does with their constantly changing conferences.

In the comments below let me know what you think about your favorite team’s chances this year!

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