Monday, May 7, 2012

Sports League Excel Spreadsheet Template

Here at Excel Spreadsheets Help we’re always looking for unique uses of Excel spreadsheet templates. Recently, a reader shared one of his sports templates with me, but it wasn’t what I was expecting: it was a score and stat keeping template for a horseshoes league! I’ve played horseshoes for fun on occasion but I never knew there were horseshoe leagues complete with standings and scoring. Luckily, Tom Moffat, the creator of this horseshoe league template agreed to further explain the sport as well as the template. Thanks to Tom, now onto the questions:

ESH: Is this an individual or team sport?

Tom: It is both a team sport and an individual sport.  Our league is a team sport but we keep your individual stats to determine handicaps for team matches.  In tournaments it really becomes individual and we have city, provincial (same as your state) championships and Nationals.

ESH: For those not familiar with horseshoes, what is a ringer and how does it differ from the average percentage? 

Tom: Horseshoes is like bowling – we throw two shoes at a time with a shoe within 6 inches is 1 point and a ringer (surrounding the peg) worth 3 pts.  We play 25 ends so that’s a total of 50 shoes. So the average is your average total score for a game.  Your ringer percentage is how many ringers you would throw in 100 shoes, all based on your game scores.

ESH: What do the classes mean?

Tom: We have different caliber players on each team in our league - some are very good and competitive, and others are just out to enjoy a night of fun.   So your average and ringer percentage determines your class.  AA is the best and E is the lowest

ESH: Where can you go if you want to know more about the sport and league?

Tom: Yes, you can visit our club website Greater Victoria Horseshoe Pitching Association.

To see the results weekly on our website is just a pdf of the spreadsheets under the men’s league.

Also, someone looking for horseshoe league information in their area can check out the National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA).

Hope this helps you understand our game and it is really a great game for all ages.  And unlike bowling it is probably one of the cheapest sports around.   Check it out in your area!

ESH: There’s a lot more to horseshoes than I thought and it certainly sounds like fun! Thanks again to Tom for sharing his insight into the sport of horseshoes. Click here to download a blank version of his horseshoe league template if you’re interested in starting your own league or just want to keep score among friends or family.

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