Sunday, April 15, 2012

Downloadable 2012 NFL Mock Draft Spreadsheet

The NFL draft on Thursday, April 26th is quickly approaching. Many pro football fans, including myself, like to create "mock" drafts to try and predict the team each player will go to and in which round. I recently found a very awesome and extremely detailed spreadsheet for creating your own mock draft. The Excel spreadsheet includes all 325 players who are eligible for this year's draft including their rankings and NFL Combine results. The spreadsheet is macro driven and is easy to negotiate; instructions are included. Believe me, any piece of information you could ever want or need to create a mock football draft is included with this spreadsheet.

If you're planning on participating in a fantasy football league this fall you better start getting to know the players now, so you're more than prepared for your fantasy football draft. Join our email list to receive a copy of the Excel file as an attachment. How does your mock draft compare to ESPN's Mel Kiper?

View and download the 2012 NFL Mock Draft spreadsheet from Google Docs (go to file then download). Visit our downloads page for more sports templates.

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UPDATE: NFL 2012 Schedule spreadsheet

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