Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Excel as a 3D Graphics Game Engine

I've longed believed that Microsoft Excel really is the Swiss Army Knife of software tools. It never ceases to amaze me just *how* versatile a program it is and how user friendly it is as it doesn't matter what your skill level is - anyone can use it. Some people take Excel programming to the extreme. One such example is using Microsoft Excel as a 3D graphics engine.

Peter's work doesn't exploit any hidden code whatsoever – the feat was done using completely documented features installed as standard on a default Excel build. Worksheet=Screen of the engine. Cells=Pixels.

"Obviously whimsical but slightly mind-blowing — an Eastern European coder has published video and the Excel tables to get full 3D wireframe running in Microsoft Excel. He even has solid polygonal graphics running. This isn't an Easter Egg by the Excel creators. Rather, he's using formulas to output the graphics, using two different methods, and showing all the variables on-screen in real time as the 3D is created."

Now we have arrived at the next step of this integration, as Excel's cutting-edge 3D functionality is not hidden in Easter Eggs anymore but can be accessible publicly and easily. Excel has grown up and started its conquest as a revolutionary 3D game engine. Excel is very useful program indeed. 

Download the Microsoft Excel 3D Graphics Engine Here