Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Apartment Search Rating Spreadsheet

I recently completed a new and improved version of my Apartment Search Spreadsheet. Please leave a comment or email me if you would like a copy. The instructions are included within the spreadsheet. I would appreciate any feedback you have: is it easy to use, is there any information missing, anything suggestions you have to make it better.

This rating spreadsheet utilizes a simple house of quality to give each potential apartment an overall score based on several factors in which you give an importance rating. This way, items that are important to you contribute more to the overall score if they meet your requirements. I've tried to make the process as simple as possible through the use of drop down lists.

Also, I am putting together a job search spreadsheet. I need your help. What are some items you would like to see on this spreadsheet template? I have listed a few already such as: distance to home, salary expectations, relocation paid for, etc. What other information are you most interested in when searching for a new job and to help keep it organized?

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