Thursday, June 28, 2018

2018 College Football Helmet Schedule Spreadsheet

The 2018 college football season will be here before we know it! I still can’t believe my Buckeyes got shut out of the college football playoff last year, but hey, I’ll take a win against USC any day.

I really have no idea what to expect this season. I always have fun looking at the 2018 college football helmet schedule to try to predict which games I think my favorite team will win or lose.

This spreadsheet of the college football schedules includes every team from all conferences plus independents. Every game is listed as either home, away, or neutral site (noted at the bottom of each sheet). A college football helmet schedule spreadsheet may be available on other websites but, to my knowledge, this is the only downloadable Excel version and, unlike some of the others, is 100% FREE!

college football games spreadsheet in excel

For the second year in a row I’ve used macro automation to automatically create this sheet - no more manual copying and pasting for hours with many mistakes. The schedules are imported directly from ESPN (so if there is a mistake blame them!).

The first time I uploaded this sheet, I messed up. The pictures were linked to all the helmets saved in a folder on my desktop. When you opened the spreadsheet on another PC, none of the helmets showed up. I made a mistake in my macro.

I originally used:


I had to change the VBA to AddPicture in order to make embedded pictures instead of linked pictures.

myLeft = rng.Left + (rng.Width / 2) - 25

myTop = rng.Top + 45

If FileExists(path) Then

Dim p

Set p = ws.Shapes.AddPicture(path, False, True, myLeft, myTop, 60, 55)

AddPicture creates a picture from an existing file. Returns a Shape object that represents the new picture.

I’m happy to say this year’s sheet contains 245 different college football team helmets! It’s surprising how small the file size is when considering how many helmets there are.


Below are two separate download options for you. Email required download link (to automatically update you if changes or additions are made and will update you when the next year’s schedule is ready)

No email required (no notifications):

As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions about how to fix or improve the sheet! Let me know if and how you’re using the sheet.

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  1. Will there be any 2019 Helmet schedules?

  2. Hi Nick - time for your 2019 NFL Helmet spreadsheet!


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